Dear Little Sister

You turn on the T.V. and what does you see

girls embodying perfection in a high school scene.

Thinking this is expectation,

you strive to gain justification.

Comparing your adolescent beauty to these actresses nearly thirty.


What you doesn't understand is that these "teens" on the silver screen, in reality

are twenty something way past their awkward adolescent phase,

and have dozens of people working on their hair and face.

To give this illusion of a perfected person,

all for the consumption of a desensitized public.


Expecting perfection for both boys and girls.

Men all toned and beefed up,

girls with lashes lengthened and curled.

Growing up thinking this level of perfection is real.

Never understanding it is Hollywood’s job to maintain this level of visual appeal.

Baby girl and boy it is not your job to match this unrealistic aesthetic ideal,

but to navigate your way through a time in your life that can be so surreal.



Growing up is confusing, puberty, questioning, and finding yourself.

In a world where is so much easier to be like everyone else.

It is not your main objective to match society's standard,

but to take what media offers and to see past it's mirage of grandeur.

go explore and sort through the bullshit and stupidity, because in no way shape or form is media evil,

you just have to dive a little deeper to find something meaningful and less trivial



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