Dear Life

Dear LifeAs a write this letter I hope you get itI was born in this worldJuly 28 can’t you tell?Happiness as a childLife tell me why As I reach into high school Why is my life this way?Hearing laughter’s all day and nightSometimes I wish my life would shine so brightI ask myself whyBut she responds in a cryLife why do you have to be so hardIs it because that how we should liveNot saying I’m ready for you to endI just want to live like we did at the beginSmiles expressing on the outsideBut in the inside I hear that voiceYour voice saying ‘’don’t worry’’Is this your fault that this is happening?Life tell me whyYou say life is too hardBut why not easySo easy like bees receive honeyLife give me a responseSomething that can help meCause by 2019Life we need to be together as a teamBut still tell me whyWhy LifeWhy I have to be shyWhy can’t I be like most girls?As I listen to your responseThat is part of lifeYour life is like memoriesSo don’t be sadLife is not perfectGod created you this lifeYou go through hard life for a reasonTo show you to not give upBut LifeYou are right You steady keep me goingDay and night Im thankfulFor you keeping meMotivated as i end this raceYou taught me to keep movingSo that what im going to doLife is always like a fairytaleThere is always not a happy ending   

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