Dear Last Year,

Dear Last Year, 

Sorry for the marks on your body.I wasn't trying to hurt you.Sorry for all the embarrassment. I didn't know, then, what to do.I apologize for overthinking so much.There was too much on my mind.I apologize for leaving things undone.I didn't think there was enough time. Please forgive my actionsThat I thought would make you smile.I wanted to feel mature,But, instead, acted like a child.Please forgive my selfish actsOf holding back your feelings.Faking smiles, forcing laughter,The experience was less than appealing. But soon, things will get better.Your extistence will be more clear!You'll be seen, protected, and heard!Many opportunities will appear!I shouldn't have waited so longTo tell you, "You're an inspiration."You have motivated me greatly.Don't take this as an exaggeration. I have been more confident, this year,In making a future worth living.So much love is there for usAnd there is still time for forgiving.I know I wasn't the best, before.The trials were harder to get through.I'm stronger, greater, and wiser.So I would like to say: Thank you.

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