Dear Langston Hughes


Dear Langston Hughes, 

What happens to a queen that’s darkened?

Does her skin become a question of success or  failure

Like a man's’ determinate whether to be “truthful” or “play her”

Does she have to fight to be enrolled at a university?

Or are her ethnics only valued to create diversity?

Does her awakeness intimidate the common mind?

Or is she condemned because her body, and lips are too defined?

Maybe it's just the history that clings to her,

that have evolved the be the wings her,

Making her hair naturally defy gravity

Lifting her above the cavity

Of this world were man see skin

and man see sin

But she sees heart and that's what sets her apart

Suppressed silence makes her hardened

so will never really know what to happens to a queen that’s darkened.



Another Darkened Queen

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