Dear Jessica


Dear Jessica,

I hugged you as you left for the park.

You borrowed my shoes,

Your make-up was perfect.

You were meeting him,

The first of many times.

You asked me if you were crazy,

You asked me if you were insane.

I told you, ‘never.’

Never, you would always be.

Dear Jessica,

I saw the ring on your finger.

It’s just as big and special as you.

But special as it may be,

It can’t hide the redness on your knuckles.

Battle scars.

Dear Jessica,

You looked beautiful today in your grandmother’s dress.

Everything was perfect,

Everything was calm.

I don’t think anyone saw the bruises underneath the make-up.

Props to Cover Girl.

Dear Jessica,

I think I’m the only one who knows,

I’m the only one who can see.

I’m sorry that he hits you,

I’m sorry that you stay.

I hope you can see the worry in my eyes,

I hope I can give you the courage to leave.

Dear Jessica,

These are my last words to you.

The flowers were beautiful,

I wore pink for you.

He wasn’t there,

I made sure of it,

But that won’t change the fact

That he took you from me.


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