Dear January 6

Sun, 01/28/2018 - 10:15 -- Ilewis

Dear January 6,
The date you told me you had enough. January 6 the date you told me your heart couldnt take it no more. It was suffering for so many years. And I know that its not fair to keep a bird locked in a cage but it was nothing I could do. And even though I couldnt break you out, I could of at least checked up on you. And Im sorry that I didnt hear you when you spoke, sometimes your chirps sounded like broken records so I stop listening but you know your my favorite. Everyday I shed a tear because your death feels fake, like sometimes I feel like maybe Im hearing things. Like someone made a story up, but its no lies all truths.

Before I walked in the room to see you for the first time I cried hysterically. I wasnt ready but when I walked in the room my emotions left my body. I felt nothing. I was numb. But when I saw you.... You looked the same, you smelled so good. My nerves was so bad, couldnt stop shaking. You in a box was no way to be. You went from a cage to a box. Your body still trapped but your soul I guess was free.
My tears, they still come down. Even though I told them to stay in.
They couldnt help it, they said they wanted to make a pool for me to swim in. I just didnt expect to deep in.

Sometimes I catch myself looking for you in other guys but I realized I will never find you in them. Nobody compares to you, because you know your my favorite. Your the only bird I will ever wake up to listen to in the morning.

January 6

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My family
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