Dear Jade Anthony

Dear Jade Anthony,

I thought we were perfect –

I believed you could do no wrong.

I should have known though…

I should have known from our first kiss.

It felt forced and hollow,

But how was I to know?

You were my first kiss…

Dear Jade Anthony,

You asked me to be your girlfriend

The same night I got pulled over.

The officer told me to turn off my headlights

Like you would soon turn off my own light…

Our first date was a disaster.

You got us lost for hours,

Foreshadowing how lost you’d leave me…

Dear Jade Anthony,

You broke all your promises –

Your promises meant the world…

You lied straight to my face.

I accepted you back and I apologized.

You had unlimited chances with me,

No matter how much you hurt me.

Dear Jade Anthony,

I should have broken up with you the first time.

The first time you lied to me.

The first time forgot about me.

The first time you forced me.

You made me feel ashamed to have anxiety.

My panic was your excuse to leave.

I came to you for comfort,

But you replied “Find someone else.”

And that’s what you did…

Dear Jade Anthony,

You treated me as if I were a toy

That you could throw aside

Every time a shinier one came around.

You played with me for twenty-three months.

How long will you play with your new toy?

You’ve already showed her off like a trophy

By showing her private exposures to the world.

You declared your love died six months ago;

You found someone new to play,

Yet you still kept me trapped…

Dear Jade Anthony,

You destroyed everything I built for myself.

My trust is an illusion.

My self-confidence is fictional.

My love is defeated. 

I gave you everything,

Only to receive mental abuse,

Only to collect a broken heart…

Dear Jade Anthony,

Please, let me be free.

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