dear jack daniels

Sat, 07/12/2014 - 13:08 -- pchopra


at first, you were just a bottle with a dirty orange tinted liquid inside you

and just your presence on the kitchen table spell bounded my papa into falling in love with you 


you did more than extinguish his thirst, 

you became his weakness and made him vulnerable 


the unfortunate symphonies of my mother's cries

and the melodies of the words i never shouted all spell out

in silence


and now, 

your presence in this household has taught me nothing 

but to live in dread


you've stolen the comfort of my home and made it your own 

and as I walk in my house, the floor creaks with words reminding me of the continuity of my papa's dark poisonous venom that you've given him


every corner of my house is visited by the sounds of my papa yelling

and sounds of you clashing against the tiled kitchen floor


you've spilled all over my floors and no matter how hard I try to rub you off

I'm bound to accept that you're a stain that can't be washed off 




my momma trained me to think that, you're just an illusion of tranquility

you sit in a glass next to my papa, and that's it





but these misconceptions and lies have been told to me over and over again and they've all abused the meaning of 



and I've studied you well Jack,

I've seen what you've done to my father, you ripped him completely 

and what you’ve done to him, has made me cripple


you've been smashed against the floors, and I've stepped on your shattered bottle countlessly 


the scars on my feet have bled and healed but it still hurts every time I walk 


so now I'm petrified,

petrified to run away from this energy 

because I feel like I may collapse 


and it's all because of you Jack

all because of you 











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