Dear Insincerity

Mon, 02/12/2018 - 16:05 -- Bella_S

Dear Insincerity,


You say,

I cannot see a soul


I saw it

In the crinkle of your eyes

When you laughed uncontrollably

I saw it,

In the tears dripping into small puddles

As sobs racked your body

I saw it,

When you couldn't say goodbye

When they took you away

An eye for an eye

I saw it,

When finally you were back

When nobody knew

your life was a mask

I saw it,


When you left to get better

You eyes gave it away

As the grave of hope grew deeper

I saw it,

In the sweetest embrace

Genuine emotion

dripping from pores

Or so I thought,

Until they came again

Knocking down doors

I saw it,

When I knew it was farewell

Our eyes barely connected

The shame in yours

And the sorrow in mine

I saw it,

Finally I understood

This was a pattern

You were the polka dots

I was the lines

This whole time

I saw nothing

I am blind

Never could I comprehend

all of your lies


With sympathy,

The Truth

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Our world


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