Dear IDD

Dear IDD
You took advantage of me
You took advantage of the situation
You used it to solve or end a problem you weren't even a part of
You saw a way to end this for both parties
But didn't see the pain and suffering that came with it
You saw how I was an emotional reck
I couldn't think straight
And took advantage
After the matter you told me why you did what you did
And told him what had happen
I broke I fell apart
You kept coming around
Started messing with my head
Told me to move on and just except what had happened
That is was good for me
So I started to go to you and just accepted what had happened
After a while I found out you didn't tell him and he found out
I was crushed you used the information against me
You were playing with my head
After a while I bumped into him..
He confronted me
I couldn't look him in the face
I was so hurt for what had happened
He said you were the puppet tear
Pulling the strings on both ends
We kept meeting up to discuss what had been said to us
We saw your game and how you were playing it
He saw how I wasn't happy
How I lost so much weight
How I wasn't myself anymore
I told him what I was going through
How he didn't believe you were putting me though all that
So I told him to come over and see for himself
He would come over and see how you kept me in the room all the time you were there
Wasn't allowed to leave till you left
Saw how you would get angry and start to yell
I was studying for a test you came home with him
You came to me and asked for a kiss
I told you let me finish this please the test was today
I needed to remember everything it was almost an hour before the test
You got mad and took a swing
You missed and hit the laptop
He was in the living room and heard everything
You told him I dropped the laptop and that was the sound ....
I was scared to call for help
A few days later I asked to be taken and picked up from work
You said no I don't want to ask someone else...
So I called him he said yes
He took me to work and asked about the situation I told him what had happen.....
He said he couldn't see that being true..
I gave a sad smile said I know..
He picked me up from work
He took me home I cried from the stress I had gone through from work
How I couldn't go to you to vent
We heard someone outside the car
You were there you kept punching the glass
Kept causing the entire time
He got off and pushed you
Told you he didn't believe me and how you were
But after seeing how you reacted
How you didn't even understand the situation and just lasted out
He said he was lucky the glass was there
Told you to back up
After a while I got into an accident
Called you to pick me up..
You told me it was a pain since you were just in that area
How you had to go back for me...
You asked me to call someone else to pick me up..
I called everyone I could all asked about you...
I cried and said he's on his way but is far from here ...
I lied
You called my sister too.. she called worried I felt crushed...
Why would you call her? Why would you ask her to go for me ...
I laughed and said I'm ok I'm still in shock he will come for me...
I called you said no one could come you gave off a sigh
You said ok I'll go....
How could you not be on your way already...
You asked me to ask the cops to drop me off somewhere....
I felt so ashame
I went to the cop to ask he looked so sorry for me...
He took me to the area said if I was actually ok...
I smiled with cuts and bruises forming I said yes I should go to the hospital to get check out anyway
After a few minutes you showed up...
Didn't even get off the car to help me...
The coo walked to to your car
Told you to take me to the hospital
Once in the car you didn't even ask if I was ok...
You asked if I liked your hair cut....
Didn't even take me straight to the hospital
You went to get food instead
We finally went to the hospital
You made me go in by myself...
It was taking a while..
I wanted to go home...
You kept txting asking why it is taking so long....
At the end I came out ..
Told you I had bone bruises
Had to stay in bed for a while
And help to get up and do things...
You looked so annoyed
Asked if you could just drop me off with my grandparents to watch over me....
I started to cry
You were my fiance
How can you just push me aside like that
You said ok your right
For a few days I was in bed
You didn't even help me
Would eat Infront of me
Complain I was just there...
He showed up and you were automatically attentive...
I knew you were scared of him
Wanted to show I was in good hands...
You let him see me just not to talk to me...
I was crying because I wanted to cry for help
I got up to go to the restroom
He asked you why you didn't help me...
You got upset and said she needs to learn to do it on her own again ...
I got better
Days have passed you wanted to go to a family thing
Made me get ready...
We went you left me alone with your family did your own thing....
I was in pain and wanted to go home...
He was there saw me in the corner
Went to you and told you to be with me ...
You got upset and told me time to go home...
We took your cousin you just wanted to drop me off
So you could go back...
The house was a mess
Your cousin asked me why I didn't clean..
I said I was in to much pain and can only move around so much at the time
You laughed and said no she is just useless right now
Doesn't clean or cook....
I started to cry and went to the room I had enough...
You got shocked ran to me to apologize
I said no leave please I had enough
You left ....
I called him up told him what had happened
Then next day I told you he would be coming over to watch anime
You said ok and left
He came over and sat with me it was weird....
We talked for a while before I had to run
A few more times he came over
Helped me around the house and get my body moving
I felt loved and supported
He would leave and you would come home
My happiness would leave with him
Fear and sadness would come when you would get home
One day he came over we agreed to hang out
It been a while since I had gotten better it was time to go to work
I went to work and would only work for a while
They didn't want to push me
I didn't want to go home ...
I texted me asking to hang out
He said yes
I went to the book store were we would meet up
I was happy when I would meet up with him
And I would go home and your attitude changed
You were more around me
Said my attitude changed and he liked my glow..
I told him I couldn't keep meeting up without feeling like crap
We can't keep going behind his back
You agreed told me you would help me leave him
I couldn't stay were I wasn't happy
I agreed but was scared to
He found up and got upset
I was scared for my life as you kept throwing all my stuff around..
He showed up to calm you down
You took a punch it didn't hurt him
He was always into fitness so your punch did nothing
He said he deserved it for doing behind your back
But the way you had been treating me has gone long enough
And how I needed to leave
I packed my things and left
IDD ..
I have so much left to say...
But I've gone long enough
I jumped here and there...
So this poem might not make sense...
But I got most of it off my chest ...
But you were the only one I've dated that I regret
My only regret was coming to you for help
If I didn't none of this would have happened
I've learned from this mistake
And found someone who loved me
Dear IDD
I hope you learn your mistakes and treat the next with more respect
I hope you live your life
But don't contact me don't look for me
Don't even act like we know each other if we bump into each other
Dear IDD this poem is for you


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