Dear Holly

Yo your name is Holly oh Golly She's a materialistic bitch she knows the sitch I'm an up and caming Raper I spit clean I spit mean I'm a mothefucking mashine She didn't like me before But now she all flirty Come and get ready Cause my bars so dirty See Holly Didn't give a shit about me Befor If I'm a rapper It's me you adore Cause Holly Shares the traits of a Whore Come on now We haven't even met before I don't mean to be rude So I will conclude Your attitude To others is screwed But unfortunately for you Cause all your actions Are being viewed Yeah the page refreshed and renewed Feeding you a lie You chewed and chewed "yeah" Now your wondering But know I'm not a gangsta Take a freestyle and turn it to a banger If the views are money I be callin up my banker Tricken random people Got em callin me a prankster Mabie I'm even a connoiseur ANd Holly you are dead. 

This poem is about: 
My family
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