A dear in the headlights moments

I feel nothing


Nothing but despair

It’s like a sudden wind that blows on you

It’s fine at that moment

Because of the weather, being it the sun is burning your skin

You still don’t mind much because you actually think the cold is nice, but your brain is telling you you should seek warmth 

But you ignore the sounds of your brain protesting and you let the breeze on your skin continue until you close your eyes

The next time you wake up, you feel the cold on your skin, it feels like the blue ice that the movies depicted, it seems so surreal because of how deep and pure the color of the ice is on your skin

You seem to not mind in those time ticking seconds but after you move your eyes even the slightest bit, the frost comes rushing towards your head like an avalanche, you know the pain is coming but you stare in awe like a deer staring at headlights, you want to scream, but the ice cold blue has coughs your tongue, and the only thing left is your soul, regretting it was even accumulated in the first place

This poem is about: 
Our world


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