Dear God

Dear God,

The human heart is so complex

Filled with so many things that are vain

I wonder why, dear Lord

You gave us the right to choose the wrong path

Your love is so amazing

I could never imagine

A love so strong that you, Creator of the world

Gave us the choice to reject you, to not love you

How hurt your heart should be

When your beloved turns away from you

Choose another master to serve

And destroys her soul into evil

How hurt your heart should be

When enslaved by sin your beloved is broken

And humiliated, crushed by evil

Great Lord, my Father, my God,

I cannot imagine how much you loved me

But Lord today I decide once again

To follow your path

I am weak and sully but you accepted me as I am

I do not worth you but you loved me and rocked me tenderly

And I fell into you

I lost myself into you

I may try to run away and hide from you

But still there is a small voice in my heart that leads me back to you

There is a small voice that reminds me that I am lost without you

I am nothing without you

I love you


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