Dear God

Wed, 02/11/2015 - 02:17 -- yasminc


 Dear God, why do we live in a world of hate?

It's like fishing but instead revenge is the bait.

         We fight, kick, and punch to defend ourselves physically;

But our hearts are vulnerable and that's reality.

           Dear God, when will man kind learn?

That acceptance and love are a teens biggest concern.

           They become materialistic for one big reason...

To be accepted for having whats in season

            Dear God, why can't they see?

That without you hope wouldn't be.

            People change from religion to religion...

Might as well be a messenger pigeon.

            Always about and no true home,

I'd rather be a lawn gnome

            Dear God, some the Virgin Mary and Saints they deny

I Know they're real but my question is why?

              Why? oh why? must they deny the truth!

It's like a fair but none want to visit that booth.

             Dear God, without Christ there is no hope and that I know

My hope..... is that one day everyone's spirituality will grow.

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