Dear GOD!!!

Dear GOD,

         I’m always thinking, when will it be my time? I know you told me that you do hear my cries.

Don't let the rocks cry out for you, they say. Well I think I'm doing my part, because I pray almost everyday.

I ask you serious questions, all the same. And when you do answer, it's like in a maze. And ugh! My mind feels like it's going insane! But calms down, at the mention of your name.

What I can say, when you make everything come to pass. Oh Lord, it's like something amazing that unbelievably can last. Then all I can do is just bask, in your vast Glory. And testify so others can know my story.

God I just want to thank you, even though most times I don't understand. But I still praise, at your command.

I want to always have a perfect relationship with you. So help me God, to always have FAITH in you. 



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