Dear Girls of the World

Wed, 05/01/2013 - 19:48 -- cstrum


United States
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Dear girls of the world
who don't believe the compliments,
are tired of the insults,
and never feel good enough,
let me tell you something -
because I know -

Self-image is a pain in the
anorexia - it's more than that
more than bulimia
it's our minds
it’s what we see
Is what you see in the mirror real?
Is your mind altering your reflection?

Questions, Questions
But no answers
Questions, Questions
Where are the answers?

Girls askin' themselves
Why can't I be thinner?
Why aren't I prettier?
Why am I covered in these
puss filled pimples??
eww right??
Why is it so hard to be perfect?

Questions, Questions
but no answers
Questions, Questions
Most important questions :

Why do I hate me?
Why do I hate what I see?

Frustration. Fat.
Anger. Ugly.
Frustrated. Angered.
Why? Why? Why?!
Does everyone share their opinion?
Why? Why? Why?
Can't we be happy in our own skin?
The only skin we have
But instead we fight, fight, fight,
and we feed, feed, feed
off each others negativity
feed off each others positivity
is what we need to lift each other up -
up - lift your head up
be proud
close magazines

turn off tvs
draw mustaches on models
models, you're just as beautiful as any model
models, models
beautifully thin?
models, models,
let's change the definition
models, models,

how about role models?
Maya Angelou, Oprah Winfrey, Condoleezza Rice,
Ellen DeGeneres, Pink, even Betty White
Funny, Beautiful, Wise women

Don't forget about all the mamas and the grandmamas
All the Strong Women
Fightin' Women
In your face ain't never gonna give up women
the right kind of women

women to watch
to watch and to hear
to let lead you into leadership
to be an inspiration,
a voice to every girl in every nation
so, girls don't you ever stop talkin'
don't you ever stop teachin'
keep the message going
keep on preachin'

-we are all beautiful-

and if you still don't believe in it
then imma keep speakin' it
and you needa stop fightin’ it

just stop, just stop and listen
be here
forget inhibition
live now
open your eyes to the beauty within
don't miss it

cuz girl
"you are beautiful no matter what they say"
words can't bring us down
not gonna bring us down today
because we,

we are funny, beautiful, wise women,
strong women
fightin' women
in your face ain't never gonna give up women
the right kind of women


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