Dear Girl

Fri, 10/27/2017 - 11:56 -- m_Rose



Dear Girl

They will be tiring 

They will ask you to accumulate layer after layer 

As if a snow storm were brewing on the horizon

It will be ninety plus degrees outside but they will accept no excuse 

Because your shoulders will be a sin

Dear Girl

They will tell you your body is a temple 

They will worship you like hungry, violent zealots at the feet of an Idol

And insist that it is love 

They will write the terms and conditions of your worship 

And demand you check the box “I have read-“

But they won’t let you read them

They’ll tell you “you wouldn’t have understood”

Dear Girl

They will tell you to compare and to contrast but never to cherish 

They will tell you that your beauty is incomparable 

Then watch as you strangle your self confidence with the measuring tape 

Wrong size

Wrong shape 

Wrong color 

Wrong religion

Wrong gender 

Try again
Dear Girl 

They will tell you that no means yes and and it will be your fault 

Should’ve wore a longer skirt

Should’ve gone home earlier 

Should’ve taken your drink with you 

“This is a steep price to pay for 20 minutes of action out of his 20 plus years of life”

Dear Girl 

They will lock the doors and throwaway the key 

Thy will doubt your ability because they won’t trust your fortitude 

They will brush off your words because they won’t believe your mind

Dear Girl

They will let you get so close 

Success will seem like a glorious reality 

But despite your blood, sweat and tears

You will be a girl 


Dear Girl

They will want you to think that this is all there is 

Please: don’t 


Dear Girl 

You will be incredible 

You will have ideas so vast

The universe will have to expand tenfold in order to store them

The very stars will be in awe of the light of your intelligence 

Dear Girl 

You will speak words so powerful

They will barrel over the skeptics who presumed you to be less

And you will leave them gaping and stunned 

By the sheer volume of your brilliance 

Dear Girl 

You will run faster 

Work harder 

Work smarter 

Endure longer 

Then they ever through was possible 

Because your power will be endless and incontestable 

Dear Girl 

You will have arms so strong 

You will be able to lift the heavens above you to accommodate your growth 

Bearing the world on your back with an easy resilience that will redefine 

What it means to be inspiring 

Dear Girl 

You will travel distance so far and so wide 

The standards of the predefined path will have no authority 

The limits of society will have no control 

The whims of the past will have no influence 

Dear Girl 

You will define your beauty 

You will command your body 

You will demand respect

Dear Girl

You will have a voice so thunderous 

You will whisper 

And the glass celling will shatter 



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