Dear Girl,


You've always been someone else's shadow,
You've always been a shoulder to cry on.
Its time to shine with your own light,
Time to actually live your life.
Girl aren't you tired of the pretendings?
of building walls and be defending.
There's more to love than a fake smile,
there’s more to life than just being alive.
You've always been the second plan;
taking care of others excluding yourself.
You've always been the call up girl
pouring your soul receiving nothing in return
What happened to your dreams of making it big?
Girl stop sacrificing;
Stop giving your all! 
and know that to be good
you have to be yourself.
Before you go to bed just think about your life.
the things you've always wanted;
the things you never had.
Hope you find your peace,
hope you find your soul.
Hope you follow your dreams
and keep others on hold. 


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