Dear Future Self...

Dear Future Self...
I really hope that you are not the
Me that I am now.
The one who is too patient
For her own good.


The one who speaks 
Only to be outspoken,
Who abandons herself 
For everone else. 
Dear Future Self:


I hope you've learned to say no.
"No Mom," "No Dad,"
"That's not what I want."
Think about what I want,
What you want. 


Think about the people
that I've known.
The ones I could have left behind
Because they've only held me--


So far behind that I was trapped
In a cage that was
And not mine. 
Are they gone?


Dear Future Self, 
Have you learned how to 
Follow your dreams?
Do you know
What your heart, your soul


Because I don't.
Or maybe I do, but I
Just hope that we can persue 
Our goals and passions.


Dear Future Self...
I really hope that you are a better me
Than the me I am now.
It's worth it. Remember.
Just be you. 

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