Dear Future Lover

Dear Future Lover,


Please be kind. When I’m having a rough day just wrap your arms around me and put on West Side Story. Give me little kisses on the cheek and whisper secrets in my ear. Make me get up and dance with you, doesn’t matter what we’re dancing to. Scream out all the things you love about me. Let me study every part of you. From the way you crinkle your nose when you're upset, to the freckle underneath your eyebrow. The way your tiny hands fit in mine, even though they’re always sweaty, I hold them anyways. Let me sing you Elvis songs on my ukulele and play with your hair. Let’s eat cereal at three in the morning and go to shows for bands we don’t listen to. You must love the way I sleep talk when I’m nervous and listen to me for hours, even when you need to sleep. Kiss my scars and tell me I’m strong.Love me and my antics with your entire being;let me love you just as much. I’ll be waiting.


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