Dear future girlfriend.

Dear future girlfriend, 

       I'm sorry...I'm sorry you splintered your finger tips trying to collect the shattered pieces of my heart. I'm sorry that when you compliment me, I look away as if I don't believe you because I cant believe you can find broken...beautiful. I'm sorry that when you kiss me I shutter because your lips remind me I'm alive... your tongue lashes at the demons the last girl etched on my soul. And your hands that grasp my face holds the graveyard of a million fallen tears. I'm sorry.. I'm sorry you have to try harder than anyone else has. I'm sorry that you have to caress my wounded flesh. I'm sorry trust is a word I cant trust. I'm sorry that my heart is a sand castle molded by my past mistakes and I'm sorry you have to defend it from the waves. One small tide can crumble me. See... I've waited for you. In the tombs of disaster... In the catacombs of cupids the camps of the forgotten... I've forgotten what it feels like to be loved. So I'm sorry... no you will never have all of my heart.... no you will never understand my shaking hands... no you will never be able to search my nightmares when I scream at night or when I clench my sides trying to hold myself together...I'm damaged goods sunken into the depths of this earth...But I'm willing to be your buried treasure. Revive me... Refurbish me... make me the antique you place on the mantel of your life. As fragile and frail I may be... you will have whats left of me. Dented... fractured...and maybe not even all together... but I'm yours. 


-Your future girlfriend. 

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