Dear Frederic Chopin

Dear Frederic Chopin,


Composer, musician, pianist. These are the words that people use to describe you,

But not me. I know you as the one I can always run to.


You are my emotional coach, my musical instructor,

And I like to think of myself as your melody reconstructor.


Though I do not know you, you impact me still,

Because I love your music, it teaches me to feel.


My fingers clutch every note, every rest, every beat,

My eyes cling to the music sheet.


I see your stories in my head,

They run through my mind when I go to bed.


Your compositions are my hiding place,

Your beats my breathing pace.


When I stop to listen, I am left in a trance.

Your songs are much more than what is seen at a glance.


Your works forego languages and times,

And I can’t wait to play every line.


I impatiently wait for the next story to be told,

And when I hear it, I will play until I’m frail and old.


Thank you, kind sir, for your gifts to me,

I will cherish them for eternity.



Heather Martin

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