Dear Forevers

Isnt really that long
I've always thought it meants endless
But life has shown me otherwise
Does not mean endless
It means
I will always love you
Until I realize that you're not good enough
Until I find someone more worthy of my love
I realize that you just wasn't enough
I knew one too many forevers
But I guess age aint the only thing thats 'just a number'
Forever is only an hour glass
Slowly thinning into nothing
The moment the words form on our lips
We must've been doomed from then
It's kind of like what they say
About getting a tattoo of a significant others name
Its only a matter of time before it ends
Does not mean endless
It means that there is only a matter of time
Before you feel guilt deep within your bones before you even get to
'I will always lo-'
You cant even finish the sentence
The 'L' word hangs loosely on your lips
Like the noose I hung my former self with
Have had enough of me
You will pack up those words like luggage
And leave me like everyone else did
But I will keep the chipped piece of forever
Just to remember
What forever feels like

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