Dear first friend

Mon, 12/04/2017 - 13:58 -- hallenw

Dear first friend

The moon has orbited the earth about 6 times

 Since you’ve been gone

I know this because every night I like to think that were walking across the moon

As we talked about when we were young

The moon goes through 8 phases

And then starts back at phase 1

Much like you, except you’ve been through 17 phases

And now you’re back at phase one


A lot has happened since you’ve been gone

my heart is broken

I’m still putting the pieces back together

My aunt’s body rejected her

And now she lives amongst the stars


I spend a lot my time thinking about you

If you remember me

Or if your mind has become an empty space full of unacknowledged memories

I wish I could text you,

Call you… see you… hug you

But instead I just browse our messages through a tear stained screen.


You are keeping me going.

It’s amazing to think

That even without you by my side

I feel you.

And I know you may not even know my name anymore

7 years of friendship becoming a raisin in the sun


But I know you’re fighting

It’s funny

When the what if becomes what is


This poem is about: 
My family


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