Dear Father

Dear Father, 

             I saw you today...or at least who I think you resemble. Honestly I see you every day in the reflection of anything mirrored...I tremble. Are my eyes your eyes..the shape of my smile... the dimples on both sides of my cheeks... the stare that goes on for miles or the way that I speak. Where do I get this vulnerability for women? The weakness for love is this the love you felt for my mother? I hear stories of you but your name changes with the ages I it because my face is the same as.. or the rage I contain doubled in you? My bathroom is where you visit and in my silver spoons.. a pond on a sunny day and in my rear view. I'm not pained by the absence of your voice because its a melody I never had the chance to play. I often build you up in my mind... draw a mustache on my face... pull my hair back tight and mimic what I think you would portray. My hands.... strong and talented... are these your gifts? Wrapped in theoretical bows...painted with imaginary glitter and signed with the stamp of your crest. I stretch my imagination to form the pallet of your breath. The temperature of your flesh... the pace of your steps.... Dear Father am I your mold? Cause truth be told I look like none of my sisters and brothers. And maybe I share some characteristics of my mother but what about everything that I cant seem to recover? A stranger painted on my skin... unfamiliar scattered within... I cant help but love you cause your blood pumps through my heart... never hear.. forever near.. my DNA builds your house of cards. Maybe you are the reason I like things that shine... cause when I look at them I see your face in mine. 



Your Daughter 

This poem is about: 
My family



That was truly beautiful and well thought out from the heart. You can almost predict the rhythm of your poem which is good cause most people, if not everyone, wants to read it the way the poet intends for it to be read. You have a gift with words clearly. Great poem! I enjoyed it. :)


Thank you very much

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