Dear Father

Dear Father


I don’t call you “Dad”


Because I don’t feel you know me


The thought of opening up to you makes me want to flea


You once called a gay person a “fag”


Which made me mad


Because she is not any different than you


Or me, because you wouldn’t know that


But maybe I like girls, and that’s not so bad


Fleeting feelings of isolation haunt me


The words of my bullies taunts me


But all's you know is I have a four-point-oh


Oh and you’re proud, you say, but how proud would you be


If you understood what I battled for you to see


That grade?


I battled an abusive relationship


Nightmares every night for months


After being forced into something I didn’t want


Dear Father, would you understand


If I told you I’ve had depression?


What would be your impression?


If I said sometimes I contemplate



Leaving the world you break your back


For me to live in?


Dear Father, you do not know me


The way you think you do


But it’s true, I love you


Even if you are not quite “Dad”


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My family
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