Dear Ex-Best Friend

 Dear ex-best friend, You made me feel such absurd pain,You made me feel as though I was going insane.The fights were so great they left us sour,Any person in our vicinity would seem to cower.The feelings that were very real are so far from gone,All the memories from the friendship seemed to lay out on the lawn.Ridiculous reasons start to leave doubt,Expectations diminish as the truth came out.As the relationship was destroyed, hatred started rising,All the tears throughout the nights seem to leave me immobilized.School and social events I steered away from,Afraid I would have to see her, the girl that made me feel so dumb.Pain and sorrow from that year leaves me bitter,As our relationship clearly failed, we both were called quitters.We never seemed to fully get over it,The three years of friendship apparently didn’t fit.A letter was written to help me move on,The apology and talk after all seemed like a con.Never enough managed to always be the theme,Confidence I had, will never come back to my self-esteem.In the halls we walk, still can not look at each other,Maybe, just maybe I should have listened to my mother. 

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