Dear Dream of Mine, Please Stay

Thu, 04/07/2016 - 15:31 -- afm0598

What is the one thing I cannot live without?

Is it the laughter that fills my home?

The iPhone glued to my hand?

Or the idea of making a difference?

Perhaps that idea is the one!

The good-bye I would withstand


Well maybe I could live without laughter

For one day

And sure I could give up my iPhone

For one moment

But the idea of changing a life

Not for one second

For this idea is golden


So you ask, “what idea is this?”

“Is it truly that valuable?”

And to that I say, “IT IS!”

‘It’s something irreplaceable.”


I want to cure Alzheimer’s Disease

“That’s insane! Impossible!”

I know

“Alzheimer’s? Are you crazy?”


But it’s my dream that is unstoppable


This idea of making a difference

It wakes me up with a smile

It’s an idea that’s much greater than me

A change that could stretch for miles


So for one day, good-bye, laughter

For one moment, good-bye, iPhone

For awhile, I could say farewell to you

But dear dream of mine, please stay

Because I cannot live without you


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