Dear Diary


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United States

Dear Diary,

It’s around 10 o’clock 

The night is cold 

And the moon is standing out, oh so bold

The tangled curls 

Of my hair distracts me from the fears

Held in every tooth of my comb 

That dries up my tears 

When I write to you about a part of my life that I’ve never told

So diary, I will run my pen against you for eternity 

Sorry if I might be a bore 

But, I’m scared for what exists beyond my father’s car door

The aroma of the synthetic seats,

Is helping distract me from noises 

That make my heart skip a beat 

Despite where I’m resting my head tonight 

I’m still managing to talk to you with my pen as I write 

I scream, but it’s silent they don’t know though

Because I wear a smile that’s vibrant 

Everytime I’m in class 

I don’t pity myself 

Because what would that do?

I think to myself, people go through hardships too. 

I wish you knew how proud I was of myself.

Because who else would listen to me boast 

About how good I’m actually doing,

Oh wait, my bad dairy, you are. 

I’m proud because 

I keep a shield of my emotions

But, right now I’m drenching your source of life with a river

That has masked my eyes.

I’m sorry diary, that you have to both hear and dry my cries.

I’lI try again. 

I made honor roll,

Funny, I guess you could say I’m on a roll

I made the school basketball team, 

And I have scored the most points, and assists 

But, after all this nothing compares to what I am about to say

Because when I think about it,

When I ponder on it, I am still alive anyway

I am still here, existing, breathing life into what I write

It doesn’t matter to me where I lay my head at night

Here goes the tears, don’t make me cry

Wow, I am still alive.

Okay, diary I’m done for tonight,

Thank you for being my muse 

In what seems like darkness, 

You’re the only one who knows a heart 

Can also bruise.

But, before I go, I will get on both knees and

Bow my head, beginning my prayer with please.

I love you, goodnight.

Don’t forget for breakfast 

Is always a McGrittle

I’d love a bite.

Now I feel more comfortable to go to sleep,

Thank  you diary for keeping my sanity,

1,sheep, 2 sheep, 3 sheep 

I have awoken, it’s a brand new day

My dark pupils and light brown iris’ have a different perspective 

I've learned is that mental health is 

Over looked like 

I know it’s hard for me to express my emotions

It still is 

But, the pain it inflicts hurts far more than a 1,000 bricks

It’s not worth it if I hold my emotions in my stomach,

And don’t ever let them projectile vomit

I am doing myself a disservice

But, I hate talking about it with people,

It makes me nervous

And among the 2.5 million just like me

I am not the only one who didn’t feel free

This never ending problem has gone untouched 

As children are not given a roof to look up at, not even lunch 

How can they be children, when there is 

Not a fluffy bear grasping their small fingers, but rather dry cardboard sign

Not a blanket in hand, but rather their parents hearts, 

Not a pen in their palm, but rather the tears that hide their pain deep down inside

Young brilliant, exasperated, but they don’t know the power of their brain

They may think society gave up on them anyway

I woke up today grateful for who I’ve become

& mental health is more important than 

Your financial stability or your immense income 


This poem is about: 
My country



Very inspiring and reminds me how much people take for granted. Not many know the feeling of the cold concrete at night and I'm glad you stand with such pride from where you've started

Avia Bateman

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my art. I truly appreciate it. 

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