Dear Diary

Mon, 03/04/2019 - 19:07 -- ArpitaL

Dear diary,

I painted the sunset with my eyes today and sang a song to the stars up ahead, I hope they liked it. It was my grandmothers favorite.

I danced to the tune of silence grabbing the hands of my inner demons, and we spun in circles for hours, weeping exhilarated tears.

I watered the weeds you destroyed. I hope they revive, the ugliness of the world once had lived to shine.

I met halfway with god, he told me I didn’t exist. I laughed at his face and told him I didn’t think he did.

I watched the rain and she made me cry. I wished I could too, wash away the impurities like you.

I looked down at me in a puddle of upside-down reflection, it stared back at me in it’s dignifying truth and imperfection.

And I also wrote this. This I wrote it with my eyes closed and let my mind burst. My mind left my body, now I can be found by no one but myself.


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Our world


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