Dear Depression

Mon, 12/04/2017 - 23:48 -- lailona

Dear depression

I don't want you anymore

These gloomy dark days you give me were never fun

Yet you continue scarring me 

so now I don't know if it's you or me in my bathroom mirror

I've been in this boxing ring with my gloves on,

this black eye,

and this bloody nose

with you

for to long

I used to just tell you to

"take it easy on me"

but now I just want you to go

need you to go

You're horrible

How can you sit there and watch me suffer

watch me cry

watch me hurt myself

You stare at me and see me in agnozing pain

and laugh...

and clap your arid palms

At what "great" work you've done with me

I felt so comfortable with you latched on my back 

So comfortable with you taking every step I take 

And with you creating every negative thought in my brain

But now the void you made in me wants to be filled

Filled with kindness

or blooming flowers perhaps

But this is not possible if you are still here with me

Please leave me alone...



I don't want you here

How can you make me your home 

When I never even invited you in

How rude of you to think that I want you here

How rude of you to think that I love when tears fall down my face

How rude of me to think we were friends...

Just leave

And take anxiety with you

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