Dear Deep Blue Sea

My Dear Ocean,
Your calm ocean breeze
The Summer’s heat increasing with ease
A day to be with your loved ones
The sunlight’s reflection of your glistening sea
Reaching the sunset with our finger tips
Attending together a family cruise
Riding in the waves

My parents sitting on the dock chairs, admiring your beauty
The sun’s rays continuously tanning their flesh
The callow youth jumping joyfully
The passengers praising the scenery
The calm air passing through my locks of hair
The captain peacefully navigating on the ocean’s lair
Thanking natures beauty,
Looking beyond the sun

Queasiness joins the crew
The rough impacts with the ocean blue
Casts a salty mood
Dappled clouds, a calm feigned
Turn to gales and salted rain
A short reprieve,
Only long enough to breathe

Then boomerang winds,
Shivering upon its dripping pin
Waves among us, sea scudding aggressively
Cries of forgiveness to rescue our empathy
Such pains left us stranded
All our efforts to make amends
Seems to make them seasick

Our common sorrow
Like a mighty wave
Swept all the pride away
And trembling we forgave
The gloomy weather, suddenly was calm and clear
The North’s star twinkle
Forever pointing out the way
Leading us with its unchanging light
Finally reached the cushioning sand
Beneath our toes, one shore
The weary passengers and the conflicting weather
Achieved our peace once again, for each other
Yours truly, Lesly Dubon

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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