Dear Death

Dear Death, why do you take those that were loved dearly?

Why must you rip family members away with the slowing of a heartbeat?

Those that loved others freely and had so much life left to live?

Were their last moments painful? Staggering in the midst of battle before they collapsed from their injuries?

Or were the last moments quiet and peaceful before they fell asleep?

Did they suffer a heart attack, and then their lungs collapsed? That's what the doctors said, at least.

Why did my twin brother die in the womb? Is he still watching over me? 

Why did my dog die before I turned two? I hope he still remembers me.

Death, you've plagued me throughout my life,

From my very first breath to that time I fell off of my bike, to the pole bending race at the fair and driving on highways at night.

And even now, I see you still taking those I care for.

Like my cousin from cardiac arrest, the girl from my class that was in a car crash, and my uncle from cancer, that fiend.

You took my horse from colic, my cat from old age, my dog from a stroke, and then a few of my chickens too.

I know why you do this, it's all a part of life, but why must you take all of the best people in life?

You grip your victims with talons cold as ice, taking the warmth from their bodies without vice.

I wish you could feel the pain that you bring, for the death of one person, hurts more than just the dying.

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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