Dear Darling

Dear Darling,

As I sit across the room

I'm looking, wait, staring, just at you

You're sitting, not staring at me I'd assume

I'm just close enough to see your eyes, so blue


I'm wishing you would notice me, noticing you

Your eyes are glued to your phone

I want you to see me, how can I give you the clue?

I just feel so very alone


You're standing, now walking

You are walking toward me, I hope

You sit next to me, just to begin talking

You're close enough for me to cope


I'm breathing so faintly

You're voice, oh so smooth

You're saintly

You've made my heart soothed


You've no idea how I feel

Oh my, my, my

Is my heart turning to steel?

I feel like I may begin to cry


Do you know me?

Can you understand me?

Can you love me?

Please love me?


-the quiet girl across the room



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