Dear Darkness (My Goodbye)

dear darkness,

yes I acknowlage that you are there 

even without knowing so.

you for so long held tight my heart

enslaving it to do your will.

and for so long, too long, i let you.

every day a new pain to discover

you made that possible.

every minute a battle to subdue

you continued to push.

year after year strength chizzled away

and you came flooding in.




a bomb exploded.

first you stole my mind

playing you’re haunting voice in that sickening loop, never allowing rest...

never showing mercy.

then you stole my body

forcing the pain of hunger to grow and grow,

never allowing a bite.

But that’s not even the scariest bit.

butchering you never stopped until you had my soul,

ripping the will piece by piece.

The pain so immense i tried to mask it.

Now scars cover my body, your body. 

You led the hands to the secret lying underneath the bed.

You forced it into the light.

You laughed as I said goodbye. 

And just when you thought you won... the angel came.

You’re rage became mine,

fuming from ear to ear.

You’re revenge, the cruelest of all, simmered in the shadows hoping one day to rise again. 

and Time after time the cycle repeated. 

This time,

nope once more.

But this time,

keep trying.

Now and forever this time,

a weakling. 

But here now I say...

Fuck off.

Take the torn, shredded body and rot in hell,

but dont come begging for the mercy you never extended.

For now the cold has finally caught up. 

Revelation has come.

Halleiluah and amen.

So run,

run as fast as your sorry ass can handle.

Flee while you can, for this time the angel comes for you.


the former slave


This poem is about: 
Our world


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