Dear Daddy

Dear daddy,

When I was born and only so small,

You thought I was so so sweet

But little did you know you didn’t know anything at all

3 more little ones came your way

Your only born became the oldest of four

& it was all good in our eyes until the only thing

we could understand was you couldn’t handle it anymore

Then one night it all started...

Mommy and Daddy always fighting and screaming

Us kids only understood so much

I stayed up listening; wishing I was daydreaming

The day came it finally stopped and you left

You stopped caring and it was all on us

I should have seen it coming

Mom and I wondered whatever happened to trust?

I used to think we were a family

Everything around me was changing in a flash

Never thought this would happen

Turns out this is worse than ever imagined

You’re still around but it’s different

We’re not the same; We’re broken

& I’ve tried to tell you

But mostly I rather go unspoken

So I have a Mom but not a Dad

We’ve done good without however it’s a horrific sight

So dear Daddy, you say it’s not your fault

Is it really? Are you right?


This poem is about: 
My family



This was so sweet :). I wrote about my father too

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