Dear Daddy

Years go by My smile remains Where were you Secretly I cried Asking myself why Do you care Should I care Who are you I don’t know Sadly I don’t Do you love Loved me always Or abandoned me Never called me Never wanted me I cried alone Where were you Can you hear Each shed tear You own child Your only girl You didn’t care You still don’t  Kindergarten, new schools Other kids laughed I was different I was lacking You weren’t there Didn’t say baby Girl, stand tall Do you love Or abandon me Say you’re broke Love is free Why not spend Tried my best Not to care I always care What you think How are you Where are you Do you love Me, baby girl Lost without you I want you What about you These tears shed Alone in bed Your baby girl Crying for you Where were you Why leave me Don’t you see I need you I need love I want to Say I cared About you more  Than you have  ever loved me

This poem is about: 
My family



stylistically beautiful, I have enjoyed reading your stuff :-) 

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