Dear Dad

Dear dad,

I’m sorry. I’m sorry I cannot talk to you

Whenever I’m down and feeling blue.

I’m sorry I don’t talk to you more

About what’s going on or how I rode out this storm.

I’m sorry the only excuse I can give you is “I don’t want you to worry.”

But trust me I know if I told you you’d get here in a hurry.

But, you see it is hard to tell the people who gave you life,

“Hey, I wanna die tonight.”

Do you see what I mean?

I like it when your eyes gleam.

With excitement from speaking to me,

Or seeing your granddaughter laugh… ok more like scream.

Speaking of daughters. I’m sorry I couldn’t be a better one.

I’m sorry I turned out to be another son.

But I hope I still make you proud.

I hope we can cross off two S’s and make Daddy’s little princess

Into daddy’s little prince. Because dad,

You are a king to me.

You are everything I want to be.

And I know I never will be as much of a man as you

Because no one can, dad.

No one but you.


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