Dear Dad

I wish I could play a reel

And show you the footage that plays in my mind

That perfetly explains how I feel

Time after time


The film would star the pools "Stair Master"

And a happy man mowing the lawn

it would show me yelling "Faster!"

As you pushed my bike 'till I'm gone


You'd see Pretty Pretty Princess pieces,

and my football jersey hanging nearby

You'd see our TLC masterpieces,

Vinyl scraps and cardboard stacked a mile high


Softballs would whiz past your nose,

as you coached me to my first homerun

and you'd hear the saying that always goes,

"It's just the Snover curse, Hon"


A Rascal Flatts sound plays in the background,

As we eat our "flying fish"

Singing, laughing, and horsing around

Was simply my only wish


You'd see our hard times,

But you'd see the best ones too

You'd see yourself through my eyes,

And how much I truly love you.


Now that I'm older, Dad

Doesn't mean our story ends

I'll always be your daughter, Dad

and I'll always be your friend.




This poem is about: 
My family


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