Dear Dad


Dear Dad....

I remember we used to be the closest of friends

Never thought I would see the day our friendship would come to an end

But people come and go

People change and grow

But there a some things that I just thought you should know..

Did you know I had a tough time after you left?

A single mom, a six year old, and let me think, whats next?

You didn't say goodbye, and I'll never know just why

Just remember you leaving and me just trying not to cry

Did you know I waited for you multiple times?

You told me you would come, but I guess you changed your mind..

Waited for the calls that rarely came and when they did,they all sounded the same,

"I miss you Des. I love you more than you know."

But Dad, how could you when you let me go?

Did you know I became an angry person when you walked out my life?

I had attitudes, got in trouble, and I was so full of strife

I got a dog, that helped. I even got counseling too

Seems like I had everthing, well almost everything, because l all I was missing was you

Did you know I stopped getting excited when you said you were in town?

It was never daddy and daughter time because we always had a crowd

I understand you missed everyone and that's surely not a crime

But what bothered me the most was seeing you and feeling like I was meeting you for the first time

Did you know as I got older, I became more aware?

I learned and noticed things about you,which I think gave you a scare

I questioned you occssionally just to see what you would say

The stories and lies were what eventually drove me away

Did you know that lies do more harm than good?

You've probably learned that the hard way, would you do it over if you could?

No, I don't hate you, although my tears say otherwise

I just wish you could have told me the truth as you looked into my eyes

Did you know you missed out on precious moments?

My first boyfriend, me driving, my first prom, all of these opportunities were open

We haven't talked in awhile, just a text apolgizing, hoping I would appear

But Dad, you can't fix what has been broken for years, years, and years

I hope you know how I feel inside

And why Im not so willing to just up and reconnect these ties

In your last text you said you love me more than your own life

But how is this true when it feels like you stabbed my heart with a knife

I have no hate nor animosity towards you

Maybe one day we can be as close as we were when I was about 2

Yes I love you and you love me. That's important.

But you let me go even though you promised to be here and you know it




This poem is about: 
My family
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