"Dear Dad"

You'll always be here in my heart

No matter where i'll always start

Your're crazy Dad to think we're far apart

There's so may things i really need to say

I'm sorry for my actions that happened that day

I can't believe you're gone

No way to get back here

Everything seems so wrong

These are the moments i've always feared

You left me here all alone

In this world im on my own


Dear Dad... I miss you like crazy

My mind is bursting "Help me"

Dear Dad... why did you leave so soon?

I'm sitting here in my room

Thinking about you


Dear Dad... Please reply

I need the answers here tonight

If you please i wont cry

I promise Dad i will fly

Into the clouds though the sky

Make it rain i need the rain

To hide the tears running down my face

I want to feel you fingers through my hair

Please Dad i really need you here


You're missing my special night

The prom dress fits just right

The boy is knocking at the door

And i drop to the floor


Dear Dad... Please reply

I need the answers here tonight

Dear Dad... Why did you leave so soon?

I'm sitting here in my room

Just thinking bout you

Dear Dad

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