Dear Cyberbully

Click Click,

The sound of the mouse is so profound,

The click and clatter of words being typed is no unfamiliar pattern

These hurtful words that you type you don't speak so you think they don't matter,

Sadly these words stay stuck and sucked revolving in one's mind like the rings around saturn

Although you hide behind the safety of your computer screen,

The true colors you display are not left unseen,

Too much of a coward to bully a innocent life to his or her face,

You call yourself a bully but I call you a fake,

You have the animosity to damage a soul's confidence,

Just to gain self confidence,

Have you no conscious?

Holding these victims mentally hostage,

You criticize and demoralize,

Just to gain a quick and sick rise,

Unaware of the emotional damage you've put towards another's human beings life.

You tackle one's weakness just to shatter it to pieces,

Targeting where it hurts the most because you know that cut will be deepest

That keyboard is the root of all evil, the screen is the devil in disguise

Creating words that hurt and draw tears from the eye

The saying sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me is a lie,

You can recover from broken bones caused by sticks and stones,

But the pain from hurtful words is a pain that will never subside

You're insecure and unsure of where you stand,

You bring people down when all they need is a hand,

And I won't lie.

I've acted like a coward before just to seem cool,

Young, but stupid. Eager to gain a reputation around school

I learned from the past, and i'm filled with regret from my mistakes,

You have a target tattooed on your back annoncing bully that will never be erased

I hope karma bites you in the ass.

Dear Cyberbully,

Next time you decide to get online and act like a fool

Think before you act because cyberbullying is just not cool.


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