Dear Crush,

Dear Crush
I Adore You,
because you're not afraid to be yourself.
I Miss You,
every second you're not with me. 
I Hate You,
for leaving so soon
without a good bye.
but I Want You,
near me to hold me,
keep me warm,
cradle me when i'm sad,
laugh with me,
and ill return the favor. 
I Need You,
by my side to talk to me,
and to whisper silly,
stupid, crazy, ridiculous,
and meaningful things in my ear.
I Like You,
and everything that you do for me,
along with everything that you have done for my family,
and the amazing inspiration you gave us.
 I Love You,
not because your perfect,
not because your superman,
not because of any big reason,
I love you,
because you're not afraid
of what others may think of you,
you're not afraid to express yourself
in many numerous ways,
you're a hero in my eyes
and you are superman to me,
you have overcome many challenges
and i respect you for that.
In conclusion my dear, 
I Adore you,
I Miss You,
I Hate You,
I Need You,
I Want You,
I Like You,
and I Love You,
not for any big reason,
only for the reason
that I just do. 
This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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