Dear Congress,

Dear Congress,

Dear Congress,

This is how I addressed you today

Dear Congress,

I was supposed to thank you for the things that you did for me.

Dear Congress,

It made me sick

Dear oh Dear Congress,

You do not deserve my thanks,

You see it was for my schools Gear Up program

That apparently you pay for?

It helps us pay to go to collage campuses and educate us over a higher education.

But if you weren't cutting the public school funds,
So small that my school has literal holes in the walls,

We wouldn't need it

My teachers don't get paid

Because you want future generations ill-educated

Because you give more money to prisons than public schools

Because you want us to blindly follow you.

But I refuse

You can make schooling just for the rich

But my country will not turn into a dictatorship!

I refuse to conform to this ideal that middle
And lower class
Is lesser than you!

Dear Congress,

Where is your heart?

Dear Congress,

I forgot.

Much Animosity,
High School Government Student Who Is Smarter Than You.

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My country
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