Dear Coach,I see you

Dear Coach,

I see you sitting there, your feet raised above your desk.

Could you please refrain from teaching and just give it a rest?

Go ahead and train the athletes with whom you work well out there,

But to try and be our teacher really seems unfair.

This isn't football time, so don't talk strategy.

I know the game was awesome. Could you help with question three?

The boys are cracking out some jokes while I'm trying to study.

You're the teacher, not a teen. Stop acting buddy-buddy.

Your tests are really hard, and that does make me upset.

What mostly makes me mad is that you haven't taught this yet.

I know you know all this stuff, but please share it with me!

And by the way, just so you know, I'm still on number three.

My pencil taps across the page, but answers don't come out.

I'm so confused so teach me what this section is about.

I'd search the board for notes, but you only wrote the score.

Whatever, I am moving on. I'll just try question four.

Question four looks just as hard, and sadly, so does five.

It seems this class is slowly going to eat me alive.

Can anyone tell me how I can work out number six?

But of course, I should have known, he hasn't taught us this.

I beg you teacher dearest, for I know that you are smart,

If you are getting paid to teach then please just do your part.

Not all coach teachers are this bad, they teach us more than naught,

But there are some, of which I've had, who never really taught.



great poem! As I was reading this one of my teachers quickly came to mind


great poem! As I was reading this one of my teachers quickly came to mind

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