Dear Childhood

I desire to run, but the Conceit, the Rulership, the Lamps, The Drinks, The Turk, The Business and all the Rest of Le Petit One’s (enemies?) scare me. The logic is flawed in how flawless it is. Logic in our heads cannot be made that way. Building a building and a railroad in my home and coloring all of my friendly ones whose liquid brothers are being battled by the grownups. I was cringing at how I was a while ago. I hurt many. But you are the innocence in many including me. It is the time of learning and the time of the lack of it. If only you knew the block you placed would be one you would remember forever so you could make it special. Shall I lose this wonder? For I am still close to the grace of this state that seems less and less appealing.

What shall I become if the only thing that has defined me was in your quarter? Why must I leave? Because when in you forget to work so the ones who aren’t in it make the world for themselves. We are protected from much but why must we learn only what they say we should. The morality question comes up rarely and it isn’t important. It is catastrophic when you force anyone let alone ones in your reach, with different minds to converse for their survival in the pyramid. You need to remember, easy to fall hard to climb. Some stay up there despite their clumsy feet and some fall even with the glue. It cannot be destroyed. Though many in your reach can treat others as peers it is hard when without you, a larger caste is built. I will miss you. I hope soon to observe and re-learn from somebody in your range of my making.


A random man.
A state of ecstasy, Invisible to you.

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