Dear Bully


Your a wall 
Built from the finest, most synthetic
Brand of ice
Melting away the bravado 
You once called confidence
Slowly dripping into puddles of insecurity 
Evaporating into an irrational rage  

Your a wall 
Doing your job as you say
Tumbling down to your fall
Hesitantly lying to protect your pride
Within your transparent disposition
You attempt to hide

Your a wall
Cracking and crumbling
Packing on the spite so heavily 
It resembles the makeup of a drag queen
Squeezing into a corset
To conceal your wicked agenda
Sliding into an outfit to feel normal
Finished with a suit jacket 
To present evil on the platform

You're a wrecking ball
Demoralized, disguised, desiring
To be a wall
But you can't be

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