Dear Bullies

Is the worst bullying physical, emotional, mental or psychological?

Physical you’re abused and harmed on the surface, covered in bruises and wounds.

Emotionally and mentally you’re bashed relentlessly, damaging the mind.

Psychological is a combination of emotional and mental, but it doesn’t heal.


Do you know how it feels to be psychologically chained?

To be shackled and stripped of your identity?

If you don’t, then know that it drains you.

It burns a hole inside you.

Every contusion you leave, whether on the surface or underneath,

Makes the heart pulse with pain.

Fear washes over the mind and pulls you into an abyss.


Do you understand the disinclination your victims feel?

How they must perpetuate themselves and the mettle it takes to deal with it?

Let me paint a picture,

Waking up feels like the worst part of the day.

Finding motivation to get up, to do anything.

As you get ready for the day, you dread every second.

Contemplating everything that could happen and how it can be avoided.


How often do you contemplate doing anything?

Trying to find motivation to speak or how long it takes to prepare?

If you think it’s easy, you don’t understand.

Every time you want to speak, your voice locks in your throat.

No one took your voice box out,

But you know people slough you anyway,

So you withdraw and keep to yourself.


Do you comprehend how it feels the be numb?

Being despoiled of emotions because it becomes too much effort to feel?

Be aware that it drains every essence of you,

You feel yourself in perdition,

Everyday you’re too threadbare to do anything,

Staring into nothing and feeling your body paralyzed,

Spending everyday trying to summon energy.


Do you have a grasp on how you affect someone?

Does it change anything emotionally or physically?

I truly hope it reaches you,

You are human after all.

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