Dear Brother....

No matter how many people nod

I can never feel happy to get your applaud

24/7 you shower me with love

But your so pure and powerful just like a dove

In days when I am having a depression 

I always hear your sweet lips giving me an expression

When days I call you annoying

You know I don't mean so because your flaunting

However, you have stood by me always

And sculpted my days with sun rays

God knew you was suppose to be my brother 

Because you keep me warm and cozy like a cover

Emmanuel always know you is my true best friend

Through life, eternity, and unto the end

When you is feeling turbid

I will be your servant

I have always been proud of you and your accomplishments

You make everything seem so easy just like playing instruments

I will always be there for you through thick and thin

Just always promise me you will always be my side-kick bro-man

Happy Birthday, Brother!!


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My family
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