Dear Boy

I heard she broke your heart

How does it feel?

It's hard to breath when you see her, right?

You try to ignor her as she walks by

And when she catches you looking at her, does your heart run away without you?

Of course it does

Why would your heart break be any diffrent from mine?


I'm glad she did it

Not becuase I wish to be spiteful 

Because now I know you understand

Now you know why I suddenly get quite when I'm around you

Now you know why I can't smile when you give me a friendly wave

Now you know why I seem diffrent than I was 


Isn't it funny how pain can change a person in someone elses eyes

I am the same as I was

I'm just a little broken

And it's harder to keep myself together when you are near

But you get it now, don't you?




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